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What is a Legal Document Preparer?

A Legal Document Preparer is a non lawyer and experienced professional. They assist and provide document preparation services to self-represented individuals. Legal Document Preparers will only provide self-help, non lawyer document preparation at the client’s specific direction. Legal Document Preparers cannot give legal advice or represent you in court.

Notary Diversified Services
Legal Information

A document preparer can assist consumers by locating laws, cases, and court rules. Although, the interpretation of this legal information may be considered legal advice, locating them and providing them to consumers is perfectly fine.

Explaining Procedure diversified services
Explaining Procedure

Many consumers do not know the steps to follow in their case. A document preparer can explain procedures so that the consumer knows what to do next. Our document preparers can explain procedures from a Supreme Court Approved form.

Document Preparation Diversified services
Document Preparation

Legal forms can be complicated and often present a frustrating task for clients. Our legal document preparers help consumers prepare and complete forms with information provided by the individual. A document preparer may not select forms for a consumer to file, but we can show the consumer which forms are required according to the court’s written instructions.

Formatting documents Services Florida
Formatting Documents

While many consumers may be able to fill out forms themselves, they may not be aware of specific formatting requirements such as font, font size, margins, etc.

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Active Listening

Legal document preparers may not offer legal advice, but there are no rules to say a document preparer should not actively listen to their clients. Asking questions that help the client arrive at their own decisions or acting as a sounding board may be the most valuable aspects of hiring a document preparer.

Affordable Services Florida

The cost of legal representation from a lawyer in Orlando is more than most people can afford. So, for consumers who do not require legal advice or representation, a legal document preparer may be their best option. We offer document preparation, limited nonlawyer services and legal document services at affordable prices.

Legal Document Preparer vs. Attorney

Legal Document Preparers

Legal document prepares are nonlawyers, experienced professionals, that prepare various types of documents for consumers and pro se litigants.

  • Provide assistance with routine legal tasks
  • Prepare legal documents to final form with information provided by consumer
  • Explain how to file forms with the Clerk of Court and assist
  • No legal advice and no legal representation in Court.


Attorneys play a more direct role in interacting with both clients and the court. An attorney is responsible for initiating the client-attorney relationship as well as providing legal advice and in-court representation.

  • Provide legal advice
  • Prepare legal documents to final form with information provided by consumer
  • Represent clients in court
  • Initiate & maintain client-attorney relationship
  • Fees vary based on case

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About Us

Diversified Services of Florida is one of the few leading low-cost non-lawyer legal document preparation services in the Brevard county area and in the State of Florida, which provides in-person or virtual legal services to self-represented individuals and pro se litigants. Most individuals are not familiar with the Florida rules of court procedure and how to complete the appropriate Florida legal documents or Florida legal forms to handle their matter, state their claim, or defend themselves.

Based in Melbourne, Florida, our company was formed in 2020 during the onset of the COVID outbreak, there was a great need for legal document preparation and virtual notarization, it was soon realized there was a tremendous need to help solve this problem. Diversified Services was created to service this gap and to offer flexibility to our customers who do not have the time to come into the office.

Our goal is to provide exceptional, professional and reliable service to all of our customers, past, present and future. We hope to meet you soon.